7 Ways To Skyrocket Your Etsy Sales in 2024

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Everyone wants to boost their sales on Etsy. And what if I told you that there are lots of ways you can do this, without spending money on Etsy ads? Since Etsy is continually updating their algorithm and policies, there are always additional ways that you can optimize your Etsy shop. So considering this, here is my updated edition of how to succeed on Etsy in 2024!

7 tips to maximize sales on Etsy in 2024 are:

  1. Optimize your Etsy storefront layout
  2. Focus on mobile-friendly designs
  3. Have an eye-catching shop banner
  4. Have a clear shop logo
  5. Have shop categories that are SEO-friendly
  6. Connect with shoppers through the About section
  7. Have professional mockups

I’ll now go through each of these in more detail!

1) Optimize Your Etsy Storefront Layout

When you have a well-organized and visually appealing store, it can make your shop a lot more professional and trustworthy. As you can see in the image below, this shop’s storefront looks professional and well-filled out, which helps to build trust and encourages buyers to explore more of their products.

Make sure to fill out everything in your storefront including the:

  • Announcement section
  • About page
  • Shop logo
  • Shop banner
  • Shop categories

2) Focus On Mobile-Friendly Designs

More than 50% of traffic on Etsy comes from mobile devices, so you definitely cannot ignore this area if you want to increase Etsy sales! The graph below shows the percentage of mobile sales on Etsy from 2013-2023, and you can clearly see it being on the rise. It started with 30% in 2013, and has increased to 68% in 2023, and there’s no doubt that this is still growing in 2024 and beyond!

Etsy shops and listings look very different on a phone compared to a computer screen, so make sure you think like a mobile shopper! You can browse different shops and listings on the Etsy app to get used to the navigation and feel of it. Then once you’ve created your shop/products, check that your designs look good on a mobile screen and that your listings are easy to navigate through.

Some questions you can think about when doing this are:

  • How do my listing images look? Is there any text or image being cut off?
  • How does the text look? Are people able to read it easily?
  • How do the descriptions look? Is it easy to read? Do they have the right spacing?

3) Have An Eye-Catching Shop Banner

The shop banner is the first thing a customer will see when clicking on your shop. You want to ensure they know exactly what you’re offering straight away. For example, the first shop banner in the image above includes clear product images, a CTA (call to action), their shop logo and a consistent design. You can clearly see what this shop is offering and it has an eye-catching design too!

What is a CTA (call the action)?

A CTA or call to action is used to encourage the viewer to take some form of action. This can be in the form of text, a button or link. For example a ‘Shop Now’ button, or ‘See this link for more information!’.

In contrast, the second shop banner is less clear on what exactly they are offering. The card in the image is blank and only when you read the text you know that they are selling handcrafted greeting cards. To improve this, I would instead use images showcasing the different card designs they offer and make these images larger so they are the main focus point of the banner.

Again, you want to ensure your banner looks good on a mobile screen too, so if your text or images are too small, a lot of buyers won’t be able to see them well.

4) Have A Clear Shop Logo

Which one of these logos stands out to you the most?

Especially when zoomed out on a mobile screen, the first logo has high-contrast colors with a clear font, whereas the second logo is a lot more neutral and incorporates script-style font.

Though the best logo can be dependent on the niche, the first one stands out more, especially when you imagine it zoomed out on a mobile screen. The second logo is not as easy to read and may be harder to stand out from other logos within the same niche.

💡 When building your Etsy shop, you always want to make your shop stands out from the rest!

5) Have Shop Categories That Are SEO Friendly

Shop categories are an underrated component of an Etsy shop. Did you know that the text you use in your shop categories plays a role in SEO (search engine optimization)? Not only does it help buyers navigate through your shop easier, but it’s also another indicator for the Etsy algorithm to help you rank higher in search results.


Make sure you have clear shop categories and incorporate relevant keywords to let Etsy know that your products are relevant to what your potential buyers are searching for.

6) Connect With Shoppers Through The About Section

The about section is where buyers can really get an understanding of who you are, what the story behind the shop is and what the mission and vision of the shop is. You still want to make it relevant to the buyer, but really paint the picture of how your listings can bring lots of value to your buyers and how it can solve their problems.

7) Have Professional Mockups

The main thumbnail image is the most important part as that is what buyers will see and click to buy your product. Because no one can buy your product without clicking into it first!

Let’s look at the example above. The thumbnails of this shop don’t look very cohesive, which can come across as not so professional. It’s important to identify your niche, then figure out your unique aesthetic and color palette. This helps create a cohesive branding throughout your shop, which signals to buyers that you are professional and legit.

In contrast, if we look at this shop’s mockups, you can see that all the thumbnail images are a lot more cohesive. The backgrounds and color palettes are similar, and you get a much more professional feel when you visit their shop.

The only thing I would improve here is to zoom into the products slightly as there is a lot of white space in some of the photos that could be reduced. This just allows buyers to see the designs clearly, especially when shopping on their phones! Little things like this can really help increase your CTR (click-through rate), leading to guaranteed Etsy sales.

What is CTR (click-through rate)?

CTR or click-through rate refers to the percentage of people clicking into your listings compared to to number of times your listing was shown. A higher CTR is better and lets Etsy know that people find your product interesting and will therefore promote it more.

💡 TOP TIP: If relevant, you can also use lifestyle shots for your mockups so buyers can see what the product will look like in real life.

Standard product mockups (left) vs lifestyle shot mockups (right)

Bonus Tip: Utilize Discounts When Launching

Just after you launch your shop, it might be useful to use discounts on your products to get your initial sales going. You may not get the higher profit margin, but it’s a great way to gain some momentum and let Etsy know that people are interested in your products. Once you start to get more sales and reviews, you can gradually lower the discount as you build that authority for people to trust and buy from you.

Learn More

Hopefully you’ve now learned that there are many optimization techniques you can use to get sales on Etsy without ads. If you’d like to learn more about how to build a successful Etsy shop, you can check out my free masterclass here where I go my proven 4-step process!

You can also check out my full YouTube video here to see more examples of everything I’ve discussed above!


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