Hi, I'm Brandon.
An Etsy Coach & Consultant.





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Do you want to start an Etsy business, but don't know where to start or focus your time and resources? 

Every person deserves a chance to start their own business and chase their dreams.


Let me help you achieve your dreams of running a successful and profitable Etsy business.


My Services.

Personal Mentor

One of the main reasons that most new Etsy businesses fail is due to a lack of proper guidance and understanding of Etsy. I have been selling on Etsy for over 10 years, and have learned the hard way how Etsy works. 

I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge with you, and to help you ensure that your Etsy shop has the best possible chance at success. 

  • How to Get Started on Etsy

  • How to Get More Traffic & Sales

  • Etsy Shop Critique & Review

my digital toolkit.


One of the best product research tools on the market for Etsy sellers. EverBee gives you real data on top-selling items and revenue analytics so you can save time and grow sales.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace for fonts, graphics, themes and templates. I believe it's important to invest in high-quality mockups to create a professional & successful shop.


I've been using Marmalead since day 1, and it has helped me build my shop to where it is now. I highly encourage all Etsy sellers to try out Marmalead to increase the visibility of their products.