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The Proven 4-Phase Etsy Program That Guarantees to Have Your Store Cha-Chinging With Sales

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Hey soon to be Etsy Superstar,

I don't care if you think the market is too saturated. If you think that you don't have any 'special skills'.

Or if you've already tried every Etsy 'tutorial' you could find on YouTube.

Before you give up on your dream of making a living on Etsy, let me tell you something...


You can absolutely have a thriving store.

And over the next few minutes, I’m going to show you my new 4-phase framework…

It’s called the Etsy Freedom Formula.

And it’s a new system that you can use to make your store a sales sensation.


All within a few short months.

The Freedom Formula is the only system I know that’s PROVEN to bring consistent sales.

Regardless of your time, business experience, skill level or occupation.

Listen to What Our Students Have to Say


Keep in mind these are 100% real people just like you…

All of them have gone into this system and come out on the other side a transformed Etsy seller.

What's Included
Our Guarantee

Firstly, let me introduce myself

My name is Brandon Timothy.


I am a passionate 6-figure entrepreneur and Etsy coach today, but my journey wasn't always a breeze.

There was a time when I struggled through 14-hour shifts and constantly questioned my purpose.

Being raised by a single mother, I needed to contribute to my family’s finances, so I took the first job I could right out of high school.

I worked as an electrician, and I stayed in this job for 7 years. It paid well, and allowed me to support myself and my family.

But with each day, I felt my soul draining. The daily grind started to take a toll on my body and my mental health.


I felt trapped in a job that paid the bills
but left my heart aching for something more.


For as long as I can remember, creativity has always been my muse. I loved painting, drawing, designing, and building things.

But the mere thought of ditching my cushy salary for a minimum wage gig as a graphic designer twisted my gut into knots.

My bank account remained stable, but my spirit was bankrupt. I knew I needed a change but the path to my dreams remained uncertain.


But everything changed that night when I went down a rabbit hole.


I overheard a colleague at work talking about how people are making a fortune selling digital products on Etsy.

He quickly dismissed the idea and started rambling about last nights football game.

But this Etsy idea stuck with me all day long, until it was all that I could think about.

My eyes lit up when I started researching how much revenue these stores were actually making.

"Well if they can do it, I can too!" So as I started to dig deeper…


I knew that Etsy held a secret.


So I dived straight in and set up shop with my newfound knowledge.

At first it was an uphill battle. I was going nowhere fast, thinking I should just focus on my day job. After weeks of sleepless nights slumped over at my wooden desk, something incredible began to happen.

My Etsy store which had struggled to get even 2 measly sales started to bloom. More and more sales rolled in daily and I watched my income steadily rise.

After an endless series of trial and error phases.


I doubled my income with my passion.


A few weeks later, I mustered up the courage to hand in my 2-week notice at my electrician job.




Since then, I've travelled to over 13 different countries from the beaches of Thailand to the top of Machu Picchu.

All of that, by managing my stores with a laptop.

For the first time in my life, I felt the freedom of setting my own work hours remotely from any location.

I wouldn't trade that feeling for anything in the world.

I could never have done this without the Formula I forged through all my sweat and tears.

And after years of refining my method…


I am now able to make multiple 6-figures through my stores, working less than 4 hours a week!


This formula granted me the freedom to live life on my own terms and work from villas and cafes all around South America.

Enter the Digital Freedom Academy built on the 4-phase Freedom Formula.

The precise system that transformed me from a stressed and overwhelmed hustler to an Etsy shop expert!

Start My Etsy Journey!

Here Are The Proven 4-Phases:


Market Inception

In the first phase, many of my students have this common concern when they start:

“All the markets are too saturated”

They want to jump into a niche but worry their store will get lost among the others. I faced the same issue when I started as a seller.

And here's a surprising fact: competition can actually be a good thing!

More sellers in your category means there is a demand for your products on Etsy and it proves that your niche is valid.

In this phase we’ll show you exactly how to find and capture the market in ‘under-the-radar’ niches.


Product Mastery

"I can’t create any special products"

Let me share a little secret – I once felt just like that.

With our unique approach, you don't even need to focus on physical products. We'll guide you in mastering the world of digital products, saving you time and opening the door to unlimited growth.

All you truly need is dedication. Even without a specific skill set I had the hunger to find a way.

If I can do it, so can you!


Branding Brilliance

There are some key elements you MUST grasp to succeed with branding.

The most important decision is defining your brand's unique identity. This is missed by 98% of Etsy sellers, but it's about creating an emotional connection with your audience.

In Phase 3, we'll guide you through crafting a brand with values, personality, and a compelling story that resonates deeply with your customer's hearts.


Launch Royale

New sellers often make a fatal mistake during their shop launch that decreases their chances of getting sales by over 400%.

We'll uncover this critical error and provide guidance on how to steer clear of it, ensuring a smoother start to your Etsy venture.

We will also dive into Etsy's special "shop boost" feature, a powerful tool that can help you generate hundreds of sales within the first week of your shop's launch.

In Phase 4, we will show you exactly how to set the stage for a thriving and loyal customer community right from the beginning.

And let me be clear


I’d be a complete liar if I promised that you’ll become a millionaire next month, that’s ridiculous.

But, I will promise you one thing. If you follow this done-for-you roadmap, consisting of just a few simple activities each week, you have the potential to make an extra $5-30k /month.

What's Included
Our Guarantee

See What Our Students Are Saying

But first, let me ask you something…


What Would You Do With An Extra $10k Every Month?


Before I go any further, I really want you to think about it.

What would your life be like if you could make sales in your sleep.

Would you finally take that beach vacation?

Maybe you’d be the star your family relies on when times get tough..

Imagine the day you hand in your job resignation. What would your boss’s face look like?

Imagine earning $10k every month without leaving the comfort of your living room couch, doing what you love!


That’s what happened to me when I used this formula for myself


Not only is all of this possible, I’ve created the solution to help get you there 10x faster.

NO MORE silence and crickets when you open up your Seller app.

NO MORE endless Etsy ‘tutorials’ and ‘strategies’ on YouTube.

NO MORE jumping niches every other week.

NO MORE shop suspensions.

And last but not least…

NO MORE being tied to a desk when you could be travelling the world and making sales from your phone.

Introducing The Digital Freedom Academy

The most comprehensive, Etsy success course that delivers proven strategy and a step-by-step system to earn real revenue on Etsy

What's Included:

Module #1

- How to actually make a living on Etsy with only 4 hours a week

- What to NEVER to do when selecting your niche (99% of Etsy sellers make this mistake!)

- The secrets of validating a product with only 20 minutes of research

Module #2

- The little-known SEO formula to apply on your shop page that will bring you herds of organic traffic

- The quickest way to balance keywords and non-keyword factors in your listings (and why it's so important)

- The single step you must take before going anywhere near your titles and tags

Module #3

- The truth about design softwares that will ensure you're on the right side of product creation

- The single step you must take BEFORE outsourcing anything in your business

- The little Canva "hack" that will practically force buyers to click on YOUR listing

Module #4

- How to use the "mood board" strategy to skyrocket your brand's credibility

- The single most important step you MUST take before choosing your shop name

- Why creating the wrong branding can break an Etsy store before it launches (plus how to create one the right way)

Module #5

- How mastering the art of presentation can take your store past $10k/month quicker than you ever thought possible

- The sneaky "visual analysis" trick that generates more sales than you can handle

- How you can use mockups to tell stories so good that your audience has no choice but to press 'add to cart'

Module #6

- How to rank on the first page of Etsy's search results without having to watch hundreds of YouTube videos and read dozens of SEO articles

- Why having relevant keywords and search phrases alone does not help your listings get found by customers

- How you have been writing your item descriptions wrong the whole time (and does it really matter?)

Module #7

- The little-known launch plan that can pull in hundreds of sales within the first 10 days

- How to use the "early bird" strategy to dominate a niche as soon as you enter

- The secret to optimizing your shop so the sales keep automatically rolling in every week

Module #8

- How using Etsy ads can put your store sales on complete autopilot (if done properly)

- The easiest way to maximize your revenue by 3x after your product is established

- What you must say to customers to have them running back to your store for more orders

- The single most effective scaling strategy to take your Etsy store past multi 6-figures

Additional Bonus Section

  • Graphic Designer Evolution Class ($197 Value)
    Need help with graphic design? Do you need a refresher on graphic design basics? We got you covered! 

  • Outsourcers Mastery Class ($399 Value)
    You don't need to be an expert in everything. Learn how to hire a team, and work with others to achieve your dream.

  • The Philosopher’s Mindset Class ($149 Value)

    A positive mindset is everything. This guide will help you to be mentally prepared for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

  • Shop Sales Copy Templates ($247 Value)
    Don't know where to start? We've got you covered with these templates of useful sales copy to set up your shop with ease.

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls ($799 Value)

  • Access To All Previous Coaching Calls ($399 Value)

  • Step-by-Step Guidance From a 7-figure Seller ($2,000 Value)

  • Specialized Group Community (PRICELESS)

Total Worth = ($4179+ Bonus Value)

See The Results Our Students Are Getting

Join the Digital Freedom Academy now for only $997.

Get immediate access to the DFA system and all the mentioned perks.

So what do you think?


Is $997 worth the opportunity to finally ditch the 9-to-5?


The choice is yours.

Get Instant Access to Everything Inside the Digital Freedom Academy


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(Total = $1188)


The way I see it, you have 2 options.



Take the Journey Alone


Empowered with the insights shared today, you might feel ready to forge your own path.

There's a comfort in the familiar, and if that's your choice, we respect it.

While it took me years to perfect the strategy, you might find your own method and approach.


Fast-Track Your Success with the Digital Freedom Academy

Why not leverage the roadmap already created for you? Make a simple commitment today, and it could transform your life.

All you need to do is click the ‘ENROLL’ button below.

With the Digital Freedom Academy, you're not just investing in a course.

You're investing in a shortcut to success.


Fast-Track Your Success with the Digital Freedom Academy

Why not leverage the roadmap already created for you? Make a simple commitment today, and it could transform your life.

All you need to do is click the ‘ENROLL’ button below.

With the Digital Freedom Academy, you're not just investing in a course.

You're investing in a shortcut to success.

Your Purchase is Protected with
Our 60-day Money-back Guarantee


I’m so confident that the Digital Freedom Academy is going to bring your shop sales in 60 days or less that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

If you go through this program and you absolutely CANNOT get sales next 8 weeks (that hardly ever happens by the way)...

I will send you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

All you need to do is send me a quick email with the subject line ‘Refund Request', and include proof that you completed all assignments within the first 8 weeks, and the money is yours.

There’s nothing to lose. And everything to gain!

Are You Ready? 

Now is the time. So what are you waiting for?

Simply click the ‘Enroll’ button below and let’s get started.

I'll be there to welcome you into the Digital Freedom Academy during our first call this week. See you there!

See you there!

Brandon Timothy

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