How To Find Best-Selling Products on Etsy (EverBee Tutorial)

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A huge part of being successful on Etsy is being able to find the right category to sell in. It can be confusing to know which are the best products to sell, so I want you show you exactly how you can research and find profitable products on Etsy. When you do your own research, you can be confident that your products are in demand and have opportunity for success!

What does EverBee do?

EverBee is a Chrome browser extension that helps you research and find best-selling products on Etsy for free. It enables you to gain lots of analytics and insight into how different categories are performing on Etsy, so you can be confident that the niche you want to sell in is profitable!

You can download the browser extension here and try it out for free. Now let’s get into the EverBee tutorial! 

Step 1: Think About A Broad Category

Once you've installed the Chrome extension tool, think about a broad category that you might want to sell in. This can be a category you are personally interested in, or something that aligns with your current skillset.

If you need some inspiration, I have a digital product list of ideas you can check out here.

For this example, we’ll be looking at the broad term "budget planner” and as we research more we can dive deeper into more specific subcategories.

Step 2: Utilize The EverBee Chrome Extension Tool

Now search your broad term on Etsy, then go to your EverBee Chrome extension tool. On the left side of the page, you should see the EverBee extension show up.

Then click on “Product Analytics”. This will gather all of the analytics from all of the listings on that page.

You will see something like the image below, where you can see all the different products and their price points, estimated sales, monthly revenue, total sales, review count, listing age and more!

Find Profitable Listings Within The Niche

To find which listings are the most profitable, I’d recommend filtering the page based on the highest revenue first. This will allow you to see how much individual products within that category are making on a monthly basis.

To do this, click on the small arrow next to where it says ‘Monthly Revenue’ or ‘Mo. Revenue’, and make sure the arrow is pointing down.

💡 TOP TIP: Make sure you always look at the ‘Product Name’ column when doing research, as not all products that come up on the product analytics page will be relevant. For example, the 3rd product in the image below is not relevant to the category of budget planners.

You can see the top listing has an estimated monthly revenue of almost $18,000, which is incredible! The second one is at over $14,000 and the fourth listing is at over $10,000. These are amazing figures to be making, and just remember this is only one singular product within their shop! So you can imagine what their total revenue could be once you’ve combined all the products they sell.

However, monthly revenue is not the only indicator of whether a category is good to tap into or not. You should also…

Consider Listing & Shop Age

Once you find a few products that are doing well in your category, you also want to take a look at their listing age and shop age. You can find this by scrolling across on the product analytics table.

What is the difference between listing age and shop age on Etsy?

The listing age shows how long an individual product has been selling for, whilst the shop age refers to how long the whole shop has been open for on Etsy.

You want to consider both of these because if a product is doing really well but has been around for years, it will be harder to tap into this category. This is because they have already established their shop over the years therefore have already gained the trust of a lot of customers. However, if the listing and shop has been around for less than one year, it shows there is still opportunity to compete with the best sellers.

For example, the top listing that we saw above is only 3 months old, and the shop age is also only 3 months which is not long at all and shows that there is definitely opportunity still there!

Note Down Keywords Used

When you click into a specific listing, it shows you further details such as their full title, tags, shop details and conversion rate.

Here I’d recommend listing down the tags they have used, which you can find in the box of keywords similar to the image below. This allows you to start collecting keywords and getting a good idea of which tags are being used successfully within the category.

Step 3: Repeat With New Keywords

Now, repeat the same process using the keywords you have collected as your new search terms. View product analytics, filter by monthly revenue and analyze how long the listing/shop has been open for.

As you do this, you’ll be able to dive deeper into more specific subcategories and find pockets of opportunities that not many others have noticed, which is what you can take advantage of! You’ll likely come across some ideas that you had never even thought of before, which is what makes this researching phase so fun to do!

Step 4: Repeat With Categories

It’s best to do this process for 2-3 broad categories so you can weigh the pros and cons of each to really find the best and most profitable products to sell.

The main aim of the researching phase is to identify which are the most profitable but unsaturated categories that you can tap into. So researching into different broad categories gives you more options to truly find the best category for you.

The more thorough you are in this phase, the easier your job becomes when you start selling! It allows you to move forward with your shop with intention and confidence that you can be successful in that space.

Learn More

The researching phase is the initial and most important phase of starting an Etsy shop, so make sure you take your time with it! However, there are some trending categories that you must avoid when selling on Etsy, which you can learn more about here.

Or, if you want to know the full process of how to build a successful Etsy shop, you can check out my FREE masterclass where I take you through the exact 4-step process that I’ve used to make 7 figures selling digital products on Etsy! You can check that out here.

Lastly, you can also watch my full YouTube video here for more visual explanations of the EverBee tutorial we’ve discussed above!

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